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Do I need a Permit for Interior Remodels?

Myth: Interior Remodels don't need permits.

Fact: Not always true. You need interior remodel permits if you are knocking down a load bearing wall.

If you’re interior remodel consists of nothing more a face lift (i.e. painting, pulling out carpet, refinishing floors, replacing cabinets and fixtures. etc.) then you will most likely NOT require a permit.

Load bearing wall vs Non load bearing wall
Interior Remodels may need permits.

However, if you are planning to knock down load bearing walls, then you will require structural plans, and you will have to obtain an “Interior Remodel Permit” from the city or municipality in which you reside. A very common trend in home remodeling these days is to create open-concept areas which add space and light. Often this requires knocking out walls. Some walls are load bearing, and other walls are non-load bearing. A load bearing wall is a wall that is structurally supporting weight of the floor or roof above. Removing a load bearing wall can be done, but you must have a structural plan for replacing it with a beam, column, or truss.

Paragon Plans can perform a site inspection and measurement of the existing house, and we will consult with you on your thoughts for maximizing space and added value to your remodel project. Paragon will provide a complete set of architectural and structural plans, and we will obtain the interior remodel permit for you as well.

Please contact Paragon Plans today to discuss your interior remodel plans!

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