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What are as-built plans?

The term as-built commonly refers to refers to 2D floor plans showing a limited amount of detail such as walls, doors, windows, mill work, and plumbing fixtures. These plans are created after construction of the building is complete. The intention of these plans is to document any deviations from the architect’s original design. Examples of deviations may be doors that were placed in a different location from what was specified in the construction documents to determining the actual size and shape of the building versus what was specified. Post construction can be either immediately after the site is built or many years afterwards. In the latter case as-built plans serve to create an up to date documentation of the interior layout of many tenant spaces which may have changed over the years.

Most often as-built floor plans are utilized by building owners to determine the gross and rentable areas during the due diligence period prior to sale completion. Property managers and brokers will have the plans analyzed to identify the square footage of tenant areas, common areas, and major vertical penetrations. Architects, interior designers and contractors often require as-built vs. record drawings when planning a build-out or remodeling project. This allows them to know what they are dealing with before they finalize their designs.

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